The Emerging Communiversity in Zimbabwe

The Nhakanomics approach lodged with the anthropology and economics all driven through the GENE rhythm has given birth to the Communiversity in Zimbabwe though still in its embryonic state.

For Zimbabwe, the learning Communities include Buhera, Chivhu and Mamina communities for now, while the pilgrimium is the Pundutso budiriro yevanhu which is translated as the transformation towards the prosperity of the majority of the people, not just a few elites. The research academy, in this case, is the Nhakanomics Research Academy with its focus on generating knowledge by blending both indigenous and exogenous practices and knowledge thereby providing new knowledge that helps in the socioeconomic transformation of individuals, organisations, communities, and societies. This new knowledge is then applied within the socioeconomic laboratories which include PHC – an emerging integral enterprise, Econet with its thrust on reimagining rural and urban communities and the Integral Kumusha which is an emerging new distributed entity which incorporates private and public thereby replacing the private enterprise as we currently know it. This is starting to heal the rural/urban, the private/public, rich/poor divides which are affecting our societies and our economies. For us, the communiversity replaces the conventional business school and the universities as we know them today and the same time, the intenhaka spearheads the re-GENE-ration process, not the entrepreneur as is the case in the North/West. Therefore, the re-GENE-ration process within the Communiversity focuses on the transformation that addresses the imbalances that have been cited above. Therefore, our Communiversity located within the Nhakanomics approach provides an integral and effective transformational journey for our societies.