Trans4M Communversity Associates and MedLabs Consultancy Group

Building a Jordanian Communiversity
by Dr. Manar Agha Al Nimer & Zeina Sahyoun

Five years ago, our medical laboratories company was a successful 20-year old organisation consisting of 35 private diagnostic medical laboratories across several Middle Eastern Countries with over 350 employees. MedLabs was a unique story of breaking a trend in a one-man show industry by creating the first group practice organisation in its field. The model from the start focused implicitly on sharing knowledge, building communities, fuelling passions and practicing sustainable, responsible business practices, all of which led to great success and numerous accolades and accreditations. However, it suddenly became apparent to MedLabs’ founders that after 20 years the company was experiencing a slump in employee morale. Recognising that despite all the growth and success, the initial flame of the pioneering years seemed to have waned somewhat, they sought the advice of Trans4m to find a way to ‘re-vitalise the moral core and morale’ of MedLabs. Little did they know then, that the journey they embarked on to this end (towards an integral enterprise) would have such a profound impact on the corporate culture and such far-reaching impact on the communities the laboratories served, not to mention the journey so many staff took in parallel to evolve their ‘integral self’. After 5 years of journeying through Trans4m’s ‘four-worlds’ approach, following both the GENE path and the CARE model, MedLabs evolved its management functions to higher level practices and created effective tools to spread the culture of CARE-ing through its now 450-strong staff. The torch was carried mainly by MedLabs’ founder and CEO, Dr. Hassib Sahyoun who throughout his career passionately believed in a global need to “return humanity to the workplace”, and Dr. Manar Agha Al Nimer who embarked on a PhD with Trans4m and the Da Vinci Institute to help lead MedLabs towards the Integral Enterprise. Key to catalysing MedLabs’ ‘big’ PHD with both were Chief Marketing Officer, Zeina Sahyoun, herself currently on her Trans4mative PhD program, and researcher Ms. Reem Aqel, Organisational Development officer at MedLabs. After successfully evolving Marketing to Community Building, Human Resources to Awakening Conscious Evolution, Operations to Research-based Knowledge Creation and Finance to a Sustainable Enterprise and implementing a new common practice of Care Circles, an inspiring Orientation path and writing a small book about MedLabs’ story, MedLabs was ready to take yet another leap on its Integral Journey to have a more profound and far-reaching impact on society. This leap would be in the formation of an Integral Academy, modelled generally on Lessem, Bradley and Adodo’s Idea of a Communiversity.

MedLabs Academy – At first it was merely an emerging thought for the evolution of MedLabs and its role in sharing its integral knowledge, spreading health awareness and education and nurturing healthy societies. The initial concept was imagined in the final chapters of Dr. Manar’s PhD. Soon the imagined ‘academy’ grew into a more crystallised plan. Since September 2018, with Zeina Sahyoun on her ‘small’ PhD and a new CI group forming, MedLabs Academy has been evolving steadily. Modelled on MedLabs core being of ‘Science’ but expanding holistically out of such, the academy is  being designed much as MedLabs Integral enterprise was – based on the GENE and CARE models, grounded in local culture and wisdom.
ASIIL: MedLabs Academy of Science, Innovation & Integral Learning

With ASIIL we are laying the foundations of the first academy in the region based on an integral health management model: a learning & innovation academy that will be the platform from which MedLabs can further its integral journey and take its relationships with different organisations and stakeholders to a whole new level of cooperation and associative organisation. The framework of the academy will be built upon four realms of science. These ‘science’ modules are designed to invite people to learn, research and explore the different ‘sciences’ that exist, rather than assume that by ‘science’ we are only referring to ‘natural’ or ‘biological and physical’ science. There are immense bodies of knowledge in social science (society and social relationships), psychological science (human thought and behaviour), spirit science (seeking higher consciousness) and enterprise science (the science of integral business and enterprise). Through this new learning enterprise we can build ‘shared destiny’ relationships that will produce a combination of scientific and personal awakening, learning and research opportunities. These opportunities will help post-graduate students as well as professionals from various backgrounds prepare for meaningful careers, be more employable, evolve their knowledge and higher ‘integral’ selves, organisations, communities and  societies. The name ASIIL in Arabic (meaning authentic / integral / truthful) embodies Arab rootedness for our ‘four-worlds’ approach (Lessem & Schieffer, 2010) corresponding also to our own
CARE-ing enterprise model.

As the Trans4m Communiversity Associates set-up grows and develops, it is only natural that MedLabs’ academy through ASIIL be associated with it. Not only has the academy, at least in part,come out of MedLabs’ integral enterprise evolution, but as we build its foundations we are looking towards the model of a communiversity to address the integral development of self-organisation- community and society. Furthermore, as the idea becomes a reality – albeit in phases initially – we will be the only such academy in the Middle East (in the heart of the world!) tapping into local-global / global-local grounds. We envision our association with TCA, as we each embody CARE and modern-day ‘House of Wisdom’ learning, as a co-creative association based on knowledge sharing, research and dialogue, reaching from Jordan across Europe, Africa and Asia. We look forward to seeing the parallel emergence of ASIIL and TCA from idea to full potential as lighthouses for the world.