“Western” Action Learning LABORATORY: Practical – Doing

Transformational: Economics and Enterprise Effect – Global-Local

From an integral, Communiversity perspective the individually oriented “west”, as a practical “Laboratory” builds on, rather than leading, the “rest” – experiential “southern” Community, imaginal “Eastern” Pilgrimium, and conceptual “Northern” Academy, as per English research philosopher John Heron’s model of Personhood. For American pragmatist John Dewey then, as for the UK’s inventor of action learning, Reg Revans, scientific research was not a process separate from democratic social action. Scientific knowing, like all other forms of knowledge, for individual and enterprise, was a product of continuous cycles of action and reflection, for us ultimately leading to global-local transformative economic/enterprise effect.  As such:

  • through an exchange of information ideas, advice, contacts, hunches, concepts – you learn with and from each other, in small groups,
  • by supportive attacks upon real and menacing problems, through interaction between individual group members, offering each other support/challenge
  • behavioral change results more often from the re-interpretation of past experience than the acquisition of fresh knowledge.