“Northern” Research ACADEMY: Conceptual – Thinking

Transdisciplinary: Navigating Knowledge – Science and Technology – Newly Global

A knowledge and value creating institution, as a “northern” research academy navigating its way towards societal emancipation, combines, newly globally, “southern” relational and “eastern” renewal paths, with paths of “northern” reason and “western” realisation, each along a research trajectory from origination to transformation. As such, aligned with Japanese management guru Ikijiro Nonaka’s “knowledge spiral” : 

  • How do we, individually, organizationally, and societally, learn and know?
  • How do we undertake, individually, institutionally, inter-institutionally, socio-technical innovation leading integrally to newly global knowledge, out of communal origination and cultural foundation?
  • What learning models, knowledge creation concepts, forms of research and education, and learning tools can inform us in that context?

Such innovation-driven, institutionalise knowledge, though, needs to be actualised in small, action learning oriented groups, within what Nonaka has termed a “project layer”.