Samanyanga Ronnie Lessem : Buhera to Integral Kumusha

There is a saying that “elephants never forget”, as they have extraordinary and highly intelligent memories. They walk the earth’s meridians and tune into their vibrations through their sensitive feet. This sensitivity allows them to feel dense energy along the meridians and aid in clearing and opening these channels and pathways. They walk along the 31st meridian, Earth’s energetic spine. It’s not surprising that their ears are in the hope of the continent of Africa; they represent the ability to hear the very sensitive vibrations of the Earth below, which are tuned into support  the opening of the key lines, the flow of energy in the universe.

Carol Mattimore  and Linda Star Wolf: Sacred Messengers of Shamanic Africa

Professor Ronnie Samanyanga Lessem, born in Zimbabwe and now based in the UK,  was Co-Founder of TRANS4M (France) which has since evolved, together with Dr Anselm Adodo and Aneeqa Malik,  into Trans4m Communiversity Associates (TCA) in the UK, which focuses on the regeneration of particular societies. It is currently mainly active, through its emerging Communiversities, in Southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe), West Africa (Nigeria), the Middle East (Egypt, Jordan), the Near East (Pakistan), and Europe  Slovenia, UK). Hitherto Ronnie Lessem has launched projects on European management, with IMD in Switzerland, European-ness and Innovation, with Roland Berger Foundation in Germany, African management, with Wits Graduate Business School in South Africa, and Arab as well as Islamic Management, with TEAM International in Cairo and Jordan. He studied economics at the University of Zimbabwe, the economics of industry at the London School of Economics, Corporate Planning at Harvard Business School, and has since written some 50 books, the most recent, with Anselm Adodo and Tony Bradley,  on The Idea of the Communiversity.