“Southern” Learning COMMUNITY: Experiential -Feeling

Transcultural: Engaging with Local Nature and Community

Our point of “southern” departure in our so called Communiversity, is not with the “universal” education of an individual, university student, globally so to speak, but, instead, involves grounding such origination in and though a particular, and local, learning COMMUNITY, or communities. Such a community, for Nigeria’s Father Anselm Adodo, then, is not just a place where human beings dwell. The African community, for example, comprises plants, animals, human beings, the spirit and the ancestors. As such:  

  • What do we specifically know about the work and life of our human and more-than-human local community; what particular gifts and capacities do they individually and collectively bring to bear?
  • What are the burning issues faced by the specific community, within and/or around your enterprise, through which you work and learn?
  • How does such collective learning relate to the major issues your society is facing, and to the regenerative capacities and issues of yourself, your group and your organization?

Local, communal knowledge, of nature and people, makes for us a good start, a necessary start, but such origination does not form an enduring foundation, whereby local and global need to meet.