“Eastern” Regenerative PILGRIMIUM: Imaginal – Intuiting

Transpersonal: Regenerating Culture and Spirituality Locally-Globally

Analogous to the individual level, it is here where we seek to identify and regenerate a community’s or society’s ‘seat of creativity’, now locally-global, as now a cultural and spiritual foundation for what is technologically and economically to follow, building on prior communal, and local origination. Far from representing the universality of Western culture, such trans-local “travelling” for Palestinian American humanist Edward Said, or for us journeying or `’eastern” pilgrimage, serves to open up new spaces of discourse in which travelling theory, hybridity, and shifting idioms of identity constitutes an emergent foundation, and as such a re-GENE-rative PILGRIMIUM :

  • How can your community and culture regenerate itself co-creatively with others?
  • How does the interaction between cultural/spiritual forms create fields of co-evolution?
  • How can your own creative potential, rooted in our own cultural identity, ultimately also contribute to the regeneration of the world at large?

Such a natural and communal origination, cultural and spiritual foundation, sets the state for what is institutionally and knowledgeably to follow.