Aneeqa Malik

Aneeqa Malik is the Senior Strategist & Research Facilitator of Akhuwat Foundation, Pakistan and the UK. She is a trained Action Learning Training & Research Facilitator working closely with other TCA board directors bringing in her Eastern Sufi impulse to TCA fold.
She terms herself a So(u)lidarity Process Facilitator and a stewardess for societal transformation and social innovation having multi-functional experience in a wide variety of business settings and sectors.
Drawing from her postulation of the Hikmah of Soulidarity (wisdom of soulful Solidarity), Aneeqa is working on developing the concept of her research academy iSRA (Integral Soulidarity Research Academy). Her Hikmah (wisdom) constitutes of; Ishq/love – Ilm/knowledge –Amal/Action and Akhuwah/solidarity; as the soul (intention) of Soulidarity, as per Aneeqa.
Her first book; Integral Finance: Akhuwat – A Case Study of the Solidarity Economy has been published by Routledge as part of TRANS4M’s Transformation and Innovation series.
The book is co-authored by Aneeqa Malik as TRANS4M Fellow and Dr Amjad Saqib, founder of world’s largest Qard-e-Hasan (benevolent loans) organisation; Akhuwat Foundation, aiming to alleviate abject poverty from Pakistan by providing interest-free loans to micro-entrepreneurs.
She, along with Ronnie Lessem, has initiated a process of Community Learning & Development (CLAD) foundation program, in Pakistan, which was launched in Jan 2019, alongside Prof Ronnie and in collaboration with Akhuwat Foundation.