Zimbabwe: Pundutso Centre for Integral Development (PCID)

‘Pundutso’ which means Transformation or Advancement was formed in the first instance by three then doctoral candidates, Elizabeth Mamukwa, Joshua Chinyuku and Passmore Matupire as a co-operative inquiry group and think tank for their research to innovation processes. It has since evolved into a doctoral and post-doctoral Center for Integral Development bringing in two other members as additional Trustees, Andrew Nyambayo and Wellington Mutyanda, both doctoral candidates. The Centre which collaborates with Trans4M and other regional and local partners, provides a platform for Community activation, Awakening consciousness, Research and innovation as well as transformative Education/Embodiment of knowledge. This is intended to ultimately, and altogether, lead to the co-evolution of an Integral Economy in Zimbabwe, working in conjunction with the public and private, civic and environmental sectors and thereby CARE-ing for Zimbabwe’s societal renewal and development. The following is the vision, mission, values and competences of Pundutso.


To achieve community, enterprise, societal renewal and sustainable development in Zimbabwe.


Through inclusive, innovative and collaborative efforts from various sectors of the economy, the Centre will engage in Community activation, Awakening consciousness/catalyzation, Research and be supportive to the transformative Education/Embodiment of knowledge (CARE). To that end Pundutso will partner local, regional and global integral developers to achieve unique individual, societal and community transformation.


The core values and beliefs that animate members in all the day today activities are:

  • Personal Integrity
  • Open communication
  • Respect for others
  • Authentic collaboration
  • Ubuntu Caring
  • Simplicity in our dealings


  • Promoting the resolution of societal, community, industry and work based challenges.
  • Leveraging on local, regional and global partners for social and technological innovation driven research.
  • Nurturing, emancipating, capacitating and growing intellectual capital through structured programmes, consciousness raising workshops, Ubuntu circles among others.
  • Addressing Knowledge imbalances through propagating the Calabash of Knowledge model at the workplace-the contribution made by Dr Mamukwa.
  • Addressing Industry imbalances by collaborating with Industrial Associations -Integral ecology model by Dr Chinyuku.
  • Addressing Leadership imbalances through the Integral leadership model, the contribution from Dr Matupire.
  • Articulation and application of unique concepts such as the GENE (Grounding, Emergence, Navigation, Effecting); 4Cs (Call, Context, Co-creation, Contribution); CARE

Other Contributions:

  • Pundutso facilitated in the Global launch of the Integral Green Zimbabwe book- An African Phoenix rising: on 15th Feb 2015.The book edited by Mamukwa, Lessem and Schieffer provides a holistic view on research by Zimbabweans that provides alternative pathways to development.
  • PUNDUTSO: Journal of Trans4mative Thought
Launch of Pundutso Journal: An Historic Beginning

Launch of PUNDUTSO: Journal of Trans4mative Thought and Praxis (PJTTP) a multi- and trans-disciplinary on-line peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to critical thought, intellectual research synthesis, leading to innovative research and innovation grounded in African experience, philosophy and praxis.  Continue Reading

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