Chief Editor(s)

Professor Munyaradzi Mawere, Zimbabwe – Africa

Professor Ronnie Lessem, UK – Europe

Editorial Board Members

Dr Raymond Mubaya, Zimbabwe – Africa

Dr Passmore Matupire, Zimbabwe – Africa

Professor Tony Bradley, UK – Europe

Aneeqa Malik, Pakistan – Asia

Dr Sam Rima, USA – America

About the Journal

PUNDUTSO: Journal of Trans4mative Thought and Praxis (PJTTP) is a multi- and trans-disciplinary on-line peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to critical thought, intellectual research synthesis, leading to innovative research and innovation grounded in African experience, philosophy and praxis. The goal of the journal is to build a robust trans-disciplinary and transnational community of committed researchers, theorists and practitioners who are capable of multi-faceted scholarly engagements, generative dialogue, drawing on indigenous as well as exogenous knowledge, interrogating as well as addressing issues and problems in communities of the continent and the global world as they emerge.

Focus of the Journal

Pundutso: Journal of Trans4mative Thought and Praxis (PJTTP) publishes work that presents original critical research, innovative research, theory and methods that add value to a body of research, emphasise co-creation of knowledge, guide future research, explore theories, invite generative dialogue, introduce research reviews, generate new insights, and provide new Afro-centered epistemologies, concepts and terminologies. Depending on the nature of the social research with a view to innovation, the paper should generate new insights, break new grounds or fill in gaps in theory or practice and in a manner that allows space for further research that intellectually engage scholars, researchers, students and other stakeholders with interest in researches grounded in African experience, philosophy and praxis. Such research should also serve to contribute towards a newly integral kind of knowledge and value creating organisation, or indeed Communiversity”, out of Africa.

 In-house Style

Submitted papers should be between 4000 and 6000 words, in MS word, and with one and half spacing typeface. The papers should have (implicitly or otherwise) an abstract, introduction, problem statement and creative intent, methodological and theoretical constructs, literature review, discussion of findings, and conclusions with in-text reference style and current (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) standard references aligned to the style most relevant to your area of study. All graphics (charts, tables, and photos) must fit our page measurements. There are no publication fees paid to PJTTP.


All contributions should be addressed to Prof Munyaradzi Mawere and Prof Ronnie Lessem pjttp@gmail.com via an attachment in an email for consideration for suitability for publication by PJTTP.

 Review Process

The PJTTP Editor(s) or his/her designee will review article(s) submitted to the journal. If your contribution is positive, the Editor(s) will send it to the editorial board for review. After reviewing, the editorial board will make a recommendation to the Editor(s) to publish, not publish or publish the paper with conditions. Where corrections or additions need to be made to your paper, the Editor(s) will inform you in writing within a period of 60 days. Should the revisions made to the satisfaction of the Editor(s), the latter will inform you when your paper will be published.


PJTTP is published two times a year, in June and December, with occasional supplemental special issues.

Legal Notices

The content of Pundutso: Journal of Trans4mative Thought and Praxis is copyrighted, thus all rights are reserved, requiring that no portion of its content be reproduced in any form for profit without documented permission of the author and publisher.