Tier 4 - Communiversity

Transformative Level 4 : Co-creation/ownership

Design Principle

Integral Communiversity
Localised Communal Learning, Local-Global Regenerative Pilgrimium, Newly Global Research Academy to Global-Local Integral Laboratory

Communiversity Focus

Effectively Transform an individually oriented,
 westernised University into a communally oriented, worlds-wide Regenerative Communiversity

Communiversity Prerequisites

  • Laboratory placed adjacent to a relevant research Academy
  • Access to TCA’s global Socio-economic laboratories
  • Be a social integrator from business/social/developmental or governmental sectors
  • Be involved in a fusion of alternative knowledge-generating systems
  • Operating at the middle-up-down-across approach

Co-creation Benefits

  • Inter-institutional catalyst for Regeneration of their society
  • Process facilitation to link together conventionally separated conceptual worlds