Tier 3 - Partnership

Emancipatory Level 3 : Partnership – newly-Global : Re-GENE-rate 

Design Principle

5 C’s : Re-GENE-rating Community, Culture, Communications, Capital and Constitution

Partnership Focus

Institutional Focus on Emancipatory Navigation 
Newly Global Research Academy

Partnership Prerequisites

  • Partnership with the transformative edge of an Academy or Educational establishment
  • The ability to transcend / translate local knowledge to global
  • Orientation to trans-disciplinary and trans-cultural realms
  • Ability to incorporate the public-private-civic and environmental sectors
  • Access to Integral Research methodology

Partnership Benefits

  • exposure to our trans-national academies / academic circles
  • Able to build their Research Academy from ground up
  • Linking their Academy to their community or enterprise
  • Process facilitation to move from Social Research to Social Innovation

Process Facilitation & Services Associated with Tier 3 Partnership