Tier 2 - Associateship

Foundation Level 2 : Doctoral (PhD),

 Processal (PHD) or Graduate (MSc) Associate

Design Principle

4 C’s : Call, Context, Co-creation, Contribution;

CARE : Community activation, Awakening consciousness, innovation-driven Research, Embodying re-GENE-ration

Individual & Collective Focus

Local-Global Emergence of Knowledge and Value
through Awakening of Integral Consciousness

Associateship Prerequisites

  • A desire to solve a burning issue of your community/society
  • A desire to be a social innovator  
  • Be part of a knowledge creating constituency / group / organisation
  • A passion for transformative ideas / process

Associateship Benefits

  • Communal co-creation with others / Group-based learning
  • Enhances your/your community’s ability to Organisational Development & Transformative Management
  • Exposure to Alternative Socio-economic Models/ Case Studies around the world
  • Guidance with project-based contextual learning

Process Facilitation & Services Associated with Tier 2 Associateship

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Da Vinci

Process of Holistic Development (PHD) – 2 years program

– leading to level 3 (TCA Partnership)