Tier 1 - Membership

Originating Level 1 : Membership – Local Member of TCA

Design Principle

Integral Worlds :

Trans-cultural Realities, Trans-disciplinary Realms, Trans-formational Rhythm, Trans-personal Rounds

Membership Focus

Local Grounding and Origination
Communal Learning

Membership Prerequisites

  •  Affinity to one or other community organisation/group
  • Ability to draw on your indigenous knowledge/cultural context
  • Inclination to uncover your own inner calling related to your own cultural context/ indigenous sources of knowledge
  •  Organise bi-monthly communal learning circles with your community members/organisations/groups to re-invent local knowledge

Membership Benefits

  • Access to resource material / relevant book summaries to aid communal learning in your local context
  • Access to TCA’s global community / communiversities
  • Tailor-made or case-to-case guidance for contextual learning circles
  • Communal learning Process-facilitation for the next tier progression

Process Facilitation & Services Associated with Tier 1 Membership

Community Learning, Activation & Development (CLAD) 

Contextualised Initiative processes through Orientation / Inductions – leading to level 2 (TCA Association)