TCA Communiversity 4-Tier Criterion

Our Communiversity is a place of Trans4mative regeneration, for a group and community, organisation and society, where contrasts are worked out in communion.


TCA will operate in four spheres of work, which reflect the GENE-a-logical pattern of the Trans4m philosophy. These are:

  1. Becoming a member of our Learning Community– Tier 1 – Membership
  2. Becoming an associate on our Developmental JourneyTier 2Association
  3. Becoming a partner of our Research Academy – Tier 3 – Partnership
  4. Becoming a co-creator of our Transformative Communiversity – Tier 4 – Co-creationship

TCA Members Section

Level 1 : Membership (ID)

Communal Learning

Origination – Local Grounding

From our integral developmental perspective, our starting point for working with a particular society, in our Communiversity case, is neither the individual, the organisation, nor society at large, but an immediate community, either within or adjacent to, a particular enterprise. For while an individual learner can all too easily detach him or herself from their immediate context, especially given the pervasive “western” approach to education, this is altogether different from the engagement with a local community


TCA Partner Section

Level 3 : Partnership (R&D)

Research Academy

Emancipation – Newly Global

Further to communal learning and a re-GENE-rative pilgrimium,  but now by way of emancipatory navigation, comes our integral research academy rooted in particular, local soils, while also drawing on local-global knowledge creation. Altogether as such, and with a view to a socioeconomic laboratory, such an academy, with its five constituent realms, serves to re-GENE-rate nature and Community, Culture and spirituality, energy and Communications, Capital and value, altogether set within a newly global Constitution that serves to align all of the above.


TCA Associates Section

Level 2 : Associates (PHD)

Re-GENE-rative Pilgrimium

Foundation – Local Global

Analogous to the individual level, it is here where we seek to identify and regenerate a community’s or society’s ‘seat of creativity’, now locally-global, as now a cultural and spiritual foundation for what is technologically and economically to follow, building on prior communal, and local origination.  For us journeying or `’eastern” pilgrimage, serves to open up new spaces of discourse in which travelling theory, hybridity, and shifting idioms of identity constitutes an emergent foundation, and as such a re-GENE-rative PiIgrimium.


TCA Co-creators Section

Level 4 : Co-creation/Ownership (CD)


Transformative – Global Local

The TCA product line culminates in a socioeconomic laboratory that completes the journey from Membership (ID) and Associateship (PHD) onto Partnership (R & D) onto now the co-Development of a Communiversity (CD). The laboratory as such, and an integral enterprise, serves to transform marketing into community building, human resources into conscious evolution, operations into knowledge creation, as well as finance into sustainable development, altogether, moreover, transforming corporate strategy inter society building.