Our Vision

TCA aims to envision a world where people of all nationalities live to actualize their full potentials communally, culturally, spiritually, educationally, politically and economically in harmony with nature, their environment and with one another.

Our Purpose

To be a catalyst and driver of  sustainable and integral approach to social, economic, technological and cultural innovation in every society, through collaboration with individuals and institutions in every continent towards the regeneration of societies.

Our Goals

  • To actively promote institutional research and innovation in every society through our global associates.
  • To GENEtically foster a spirit of community collaboration, in which local culture is taken seriously
  • To employ community-rooted research approaches, such as Co-operative Inquiry, Participative Action Research (PAR), Stakeholder-Controlled Research and a range of service user-centred interpretivist research techniques
  • To promote an integral approach to research and education through our unique PhD modules towards individual and societal regeneration.
  • To work with new and existing institutions, universities and agencies towards the creation of mode 3 universities, or communiversities, where priority is given to community generated knowledge from the global south.