Inqaba Magazine

Under the auspices of Phindela Publishing Group, the company has recently established a magazine called ‘Inqaba’ which focuses on issues Afrikology, African Indigenous Knowledge Systems, decolonization, African Renaissance, etc. The magazine is published quarterly.

Founded by Mr Bhengu, an author and scholar, has written many published academic papers, including papers delivered at various places, locally and abroad. Moreover, he is a columnist with Bayede Newspaper based in KZN. Phindela Publishing Group is a registered publishing organization. It is self-publishing company encouraging emerging authors from the disadvantaged background to develop their researched works. Under the auspices of Phinndela Publishing organization, Mr Bhengu is currently researching the similarities between ancient Egyptian cosmology and the Nguni peoples of Southern Africa.

Inqaba magazine seeks to build on the innovations of the ancient past to shape a better future, and this is informed by the fact that the greater revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.

Its focus is on Integral Afrikology, which is a true philosophy of knowledge and wisdom based on African cosmogonies. This philosophy is inspired by the ideas originally produced from the cradle of humankind located in Africa. It seeks to enable ourselves to revisit our understanding of the way humanity emerged from homo sapiens, to the state of the unconscious and how from this we became conscious in the process of creating our world of self- awareness from the cradle of mankind.

Other books Published by Phindela Publishing Group are:

1. The Dialectics of Cultural Economy, 2012

2. Cultural Paradigm, 2013

3. Pho, Nithi Makwenziwenjani?

4. Umlando weSizwe sakwa Mfeka, 2013

5. AMAZULU: Ancient Egyptian Origin, 2014

6. UBUNTU: The Philosophy and Practice, 2015

7. The Pain of Being a Woman, 2015

8. AmaZulu: Bona’Bakhulu BaseKemet, 2016

9. The History of AmaNgcolosi, 2012

10. Integral Marketing, 2017

11. INQABA Magazine

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