Towards a Nigerian Communiversity

Fr Anselm Adodo, with the new postgraduate students of African Transformation Studies at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, on August 2019. Like a breeze of fresh air in a stale academic atmosphere, Transformation studies applies an Integral approach to research under the meta-theme: ‘Researching Africa with African Eyes’.

Some of the questions posed were:

  • Can Africans evolve peculiar economic and political theories grounded in their own cultural, epistemological and ontological contexts?
  • How do we decolonize the African intellectual space?
  • How do we articulate African problems with authentic African voice without falling into tribalism and nepotism?
  • How do we talk and think about democracy without mimicking Western liberal democracy?
  • How can peripheral societies emerge into dynamic, innovative and forward-looking political entities that can thrive within a stifling and dominant western neo-liberal economic tradition?
  • What is the future of the African university?
  • How relevant is university education to the political, moral, economic and Intellectual transformation of Africa?

In African Transformation Studies, we focus on Alternative thinking of alternatives!

Watch what our students have to say here:

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